I got a Puppy… distracted for months

As I’m some of you have noticed I disappeared for a while.  The reason being I bought myself a surprise puppy… As in completely unplanned that day.

I’ve adored having her even through the stupid potty training stuff.  Currently we’re on week 4 heading into week 5 of puppy obedience training.  She does everything except heel very well!  Oh and mostly I talk at her in a mix of languages because I feel stupid when I praise her in English as we walk, however the trainer says I should talk to her ALL the time.  So my dog knows a little English, Spanish, Chinese Gibberish that makes up my stream of “oh good puppy” talk.

So here’s a quick look at her so far in the months she’s lived with me:

I didn’t take too many recent photos as she’s just finishing her first shed and so has lost most of her puppy coat!  This means she looks patchy and kind of like a funny looking chihuahua.  See second to last photo for and idea.  This week she lost her first puppy teeth which means I almost see the light at the end of the teething tunnel.

Sorry all for disappearing I’ll try to get on and update more soon.


Second Weekend Trip: The Beach!

While everyone was celebrating Easter with a four day weekend and traditional Easter things like Egg Hunts and trips to Church, Mil and I took a trip to the beach.  Though the weather was a bit of a problem, with heavy rainfall and some hard winds, the beaches and forests of the area were still beautiful.



For a day and a half there was sunshine and blue sky.  Which we used for playing on the beach, in the surf and kayaking.

First Weekend Trip: The Blue Mountains

We stayed at:

The Leisure Inn in Spire  (or so Mil says it was called).  Photo below is what the buildings looked like.


We went to see: The Caves The three sisters/ echo point

What I enjoyed: Snuggling on the benches, taking walks together

Out and About (1)

Day one:

Now IF I had paid attention to the stations while I was on the train I would have realized that I had missed my stop a bit earlier.  Originally I wanted to spend the day walking around in Chinatown, and Darling Harbour.  Instead I ended up across the bridge.  And as I was sure I could walk the distance, and find my way without a map or directions I took an on foot detour.

Locations I hit:

The Harbor Bridge (Walked it!)  and the park under it on the side far from downtown.  I also walked by the strange carnival park thing.

The Rocks (walked through the area near the bridge in downtown)

The Quay (walked through on the way to the gardens)

The Opera House (outside only walk around)


The Botanic Gardens (for some relaxing and book reading)

Rest stops and food:

I got lunch in a store built into the bridge!  A quite large and tasty burger.  Though I’ve never had one with beets and no ketchup before…  By far my favorite part were the fries, perfectly crispy outside gooey insides.

My next stop was for a Hot Chocolate close to dinner time.

Day’s Dinner with Mil:

A Japanese-ish meal. The restaurant style is uniquely Australian to me.  There is a touch screen with pictures of food, you pick whatever you want and it shows up, no interactions needed with staff.  So strange.  Sadly I wan’t feeling seafood brave that night and so had lots of edamame and teriyaki

Day of Travel

My path to and from Sydney.

My path to and from Sydney.

Getting on the first plane:

The ticket counter didn’t read my passport…  The staff didn’t have my VISA on file… and the security line was over 40 minutes long.  Sigh that’s why I get to the airport 3 hours early.  Otherwise the plane was on time and the two hour flight was well a flight with no screen or snacks.

Airport time:

We arrived on time (sort of).  This meant that I had 15 minutes to get to my next gate and board.  Thankfully I wasn’t changing airlines in LAX so I didn’t have to leave the security area and go through a security check again.

Second plane:

I was seated in the very uncomfortable spot of middle column aisle seat.  This meant that I couldn’t lean against a wall and got in the way of the attendants fairly often.  But I also got the joy of seating with an elderly pair of Vietnamese women, whom I helped with the entry forms, requesting food etc.   United airlines didn’t have great meals, but at least I got something.

The best part of the whole trip was that I got to get picked up at my final airport.  ❤

Three Weeks left!

Oh my goodness I have only three weeks until I’m on a plane!  This means I need to plan my days, pack and get ready to go in only three weeks.  I like planning a lot more than that.  Sigh studying always takes away my concentration off of travel and getting ready for going.  I’m going to have to double check weather and such when my trip is two weeks out to be sure my clothing options won’t be too warm or too cold.

I need to make a day to day schedule (as Mil works from about 9-5… as in he actually has to do over time until 6 or 7, unless I pick him up from work).  This means planning things for me to do, walks and food.  I’ll be taking pictures and trying to find easy places to take Mil to eat at when he gets off work.  In addition to sight-seeing and wandering I want to do some cooking and food shopping.

Trying it out

I took my new lens to the zoo.  Today was the day for me to learn how to use it and to learn what it could manage.